Climate Control Accessories Mounting Accessories

    Mounting Accessories for electronics enclosures, heating & cooling systems, climate control systems.

    Mounting Accessories

    You’ll find everything you need to mount equipment in electronics enclosures, heating & cooling systems, climate control systems, etc.

    Roof Plates TS

    For mounting roof-mounted units, air/water heat exchangers, roof-mounted fans and vent attachments. The cutouts in the roof plate are arranged so that the roof-mounted cooling equipment is positioned centrally on the enclosure.

    Vent Attachment TS

    This passive vent attachment is designed to fit precisely onto the cutouts of TopTherm roof-mounted cooling units. It may also be mounted on any sufficiently large roof surface.

    Trim Frame for Slimline Cooling Units

    Slimline cooling units can be mounted internally or externally on an electronic enclosure’s door or wall. The trim frame presents a closed front for the cooling unit.

    Quick-Change Frame for Roof-Mounted Cooling Units

    When performing maintenance work on an electronics enclosure, the quick-change frame means shorter assembly times and less downtime. Its integral drainage trough it offers effective protection to keep oil out of the enclosure in oily environments.

    Guide Frame for Vario Rack-Mounted Fan

    Installs directly in the subrack with two mounting brackets.

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