Climate Control Liquid Cooling Units Air Water Heat Exchangers Wall-Mounted

    Wall-mounted Air/Water Heat Exchangers

    These heat exchangers are designed to mount easily on a wall or virtually any other vertical surface that’s large enough to hold them.

    Air/Water Heat Exchangers, Output Categories: 375–5,000 W

    Engineered for applications in tough environments, these wall-mounted air/water heat exchangers offer convenient mounting options and flexible water connection options. Partial or full internal mounting is possible.

    These robust wall-mounted air/water heat exchangers are available in output categories from 375 to 5,000 W.

    Air/Water Heat Exchangers, Output category: 7,000 W.

    Need a wall-mounted air/water heat exchanger that’s robust enough to stand up to tough environments? Features a thermostat-controlled solenoid valve.

    Rugged applications are no problem for this robust wall-mounted air/water heat exchanger. The solenoid valve is controlled by a thermostat.

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