Climate Control Liquid Cooling Units Chillers

    TopTherm Chiller

    TopTherm chillers deliver efficient cooling as well as supply cooling water to air/water heat exchangers or other systems. A single pipeline system can handle all of a system or machine’s cooling tasks.

    TopTherm Chillers: 1–6 kW

    Both the roof-mounted and stand-alone versions of our TopTherm chillers feature flexible, compact designs.

    Ensure efficient centralized cooling of the cooling water to supply air/water heat exchangers and other devices with our TopTherm chillers, available with cooling outputs from 1 to 6 kW. The nano-coated condenser reduces dirt buildup and improves efficiency.

    TopTherm Chillers, Wall-mounted

    Need to mount a chiller on enclosure doors or side panels? Choose a wall-mounted TopTherm chiller.

    Our wall-mounted TopTherm chillers provide centralized and efficient cooling of the cooling water and supply air/water heat exchangers and other devices. The condenser features a nano coating that discourages dirt buildup, boosting its efficiency.

    TopTherm Chillers: 8–40 kW

    The modular design and small footprint of these TopTherm chillers make them easy to integrate into an enclosure suite. And they’re available fast because the basic platform is an off-the-shelf item.

    One version for two frequencies provides international compatibility. Integrated icing protection ensures they remain reliable and convenient to service.

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