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    Edge computing is speeding up communication by bringing the network closer to the data to reduce latency and increase real-time analysis. From the plant floor to the subway tunnel and remote desert solar installation, the Internet of Things (IoT) is integrating sensors, data and systems to help centralize control over the systems that run the world today. For many businesses, edge computing represents a big change in both operations and distributed information technology. At Rittal, we can show you how and why this is a Change for the Better.

    Liquid Cooling Package LCP Cooling Systems

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    About TS IT Dynaload

    Commitment and value is delivered to with the TS IT Dynaload. First, you’ll appreciate the intelligent, economical packaging, fully adherent to Safe Transit Association (ISTA) guidelines. All packaging is suitable for reuse.  Unpack, and it is rack ready for build out and rapid deployment to its data center application.

    Configure with 16-fold vertical sections and 9-fold horizontal sections. The 19″ component mounting rails are directly secured to our patented frame.  The frame is low-profile, for the greatest useable internal volume. Ease of access from all angles makes component installation simple, and minimizes the impact on installed devices.

    Our single piece front and split rear doors are fully perforated with 85% open perforated surface for maximum airflow throughout the enclosure.  Rittal’s standard cable management, power management and related accessory options are available. The TS IT Dynaload has a 2500 lb. load rating.


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    About LCP DX 

    Your data center can build up heat quickly from your computer hardware. Dangerous for your computer and your data! If the “comfort temperature” isn’t maintained, shortened service life or even total system failure is a real threat.

    The IT Climate Control specialists at Rittal designed the Liquid Cooling Package Direct Expansion (LCP DX) just for small- and medium-sized data centers. If you have devices cooled by room air conditioning, a ceiling plate or 19″ mounted rack fan, the LCP DX solution is efficient, economical and easy to install. All the thermal energy is released at the external condenser, keeping the data center ambient air cool.

    The LCP DX is laterally mounted with the cold air being directed either to the right or to the left in a 19″ rack. It consists of an integrated, speed controlled compressor, EC fan technology, an electronic expansion valve and other refrigeration components, such as the external condenser. No active control components are required to operate the external condenser: the speed of the fan is determined only by the pressure of the refrigerant.

    LCP DX may be installed using existing pipelines, for example, from an existing climate control system, to be used for the condenser. All the elements of the controls are integrated in the LCP chassis; the condenser itself only has a 230 V power supply for the two built-in fans. No additional wiring is needed.


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