Dynaload Closeout Sale

    Now available at special partner prices. Order by April 30, 2018 while supplies last!

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    Unpack, build, repack, and deploy your most critical IT equipment at closeout prices. Rugged TS 8 based frame with additional bracing and optional shock pallet let’s you easily transport critical Data Center equipment and ensure a safe delivery. Rugged Dynaload IT racks are fully tested and adhere to strict International Safe Transit (ISTA) standards.

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    Special Partner prices on these Dynaload IT Racks & Shock Pallets.* Now Half Off!

    Part NumberDimensionsColorList Price
    996217342U 2000H600W1050DRAL9005$1,217.50
    996217442U 2000H600W1200DRAL9005$1,262.50
    996217542U 2000H800W1050DRAL9005$1,312.50
    996217642U 2000H800W1200DRAL9005$1325.00
    996217747U 2200H600W1050DRAL9005$1,294.50
    996217847U 2200H600W1200DRAL9005$1,321.00
    996217947U 2200H800W1050DRAL9005$1,412.50
    996218047U 2200H800W1200DRAL9005$1,487.50
    996218142U 2000H600W1050D W-PALLETRAL9005$1,581.50
    996218242U 2000H600W1200D W-PALLETRAL9005$1,630.00
    996218342U 2000H800W1050D W-PALLET RAL9005$2,072.50
    996218442U 2000H800W1200D W-PALLET RAL9005$2,175.00
    996218547U 2200H600W1050D W-PALLET RAL9005$1,644.00
    996218647U 2200H600W1200D W-PALLET RAL9005$1,696.00
    996218747U 2200H800W1050D W-PALLETRAL9005$2,550.00

    * Offer good while supplies last. No returns. Offer expires April 30, 2018

    • What better way to demonstrate commitment and value to a customer. Rittal’s TS IT Dynaload rack arrives at the integration site ready for build-out and rapid deployment to its data center application, saving time and labor costs every step of the way.
    • The rugged TS 8 rack, with 16-fold vertical sections, 9-fold horizontal sections and 19” component mounting rails secured directly to the patented frame, is delivered ready for component installation.
    • Individual racks, with pre-installed casters, are shipped on shock absorbing, reinforced pallets with multipurpose brackets. Pallets and brackets are suitable for reuse.
    • The low profile frame system provides the greatest usable internal volume and ease of access from all angles, providing ease of installation for components while minimizing impact on installed devices.
    • Two (2) parallel, full depth slotted roof cable entry cutouts with brush strips provide cable management flexibility, ease of cable installation and support airflow management. A center cutout can support roof mount fan installation.
    • Single piece front and split rear doors are fully perforated, providing up to 85% of open perforated surface area. The large perforated surfaces maximize airflow through the enclosure.
    • The Rittal advanced shipping system adheres to strict international Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards. Intelligent and economical packaging, suitable for reuse, is applied at Rittal’s Ohio facility to each enclosure.
    • Full load rating at 2500 lbs
    • Tracks hold the rack in place on the pallet. Reinforced ramp design allows for safe and easy removal and placement from the shipping pallet.
    • Rittal’s standard cable management, power management and related accessory options are available.