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    Make Your Food and Beverage Production Process – Faster – Better – Safer.

    From breweries to commercial bakeries. In wineries, dairies and meat processors. Across the broad span of processed foods. Rittal’s revolutionary electrical enclosures and climate control technologies offer the right combination of modularity, scalability, cleanability and durability to help food and beverage processors succeed in the face of on-going change.

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    Food & Beverage Industry Overview

    Like many industries, the food and beverage industry is rapidly changing. Whether you brew beer, make wine, bake cakes, or process dairy or meat, the challenges are often similar: labor, energy and raw material costs are rising, competition and regulations are tightening, mergers and acquisitions are rampant and markets are diversifying into a dizzying number of sub-segments and cross-segments with shorter and shorter product life cycles.

    Many of these challenges are spurred by consumer demand for better/healthier/safer food and beverage alternatives (with less chemicals and preservatives) following publication of updated guidelines by global medical and health organizations. Coupled with this is consumers’ increased sense of adventure, willingness to experiment and desire to combine many choices and options into a personally-tailored dietary approach. 

    To keep pace with these trends, food and beverage processors must quickly recognize them and respond correctly. A key component of the latter is having the right production technology (e.g., machines, control systems, motors, drives, sensors) and the network infrastructure (e.g., data centers, servers, switches, enclosures) that connects them to each other, additional production facilities and related business operations across the enterprise. 

    But not just any technology and infrastructure will do. They must expertly integrate Industry 4.0 and efficient design principles to provide maximum flexibility, modularity, scalability and reliability. Rittal enclosureclimate controlpower distribution and IT solutions incorporate these principles, providing food and beverage producers across every segment with the agility to quickly adapt to evolving market dynamics, capture growth opportunities, meet safety regulations and maximize profitability.