Network Enclosures

How TS IT Makes IT Fast

The TS IT delivers dimensional flexibility and supports the integration of a variety of IT solutions to support numerous network configurations.

  • Design flexibility allows integration of edge solutions
  • Reduced complexity saves time from the planning stage onward
  • Preconfigurable for rapid deployment
  • Snap-in technology allows for fast, tool-free assembly of both rack and accessory components
  • Ship loadable, with available pallet and ramp
  • Quick fastenings, integrated locks and additional internal latching speed the installation of side panels
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IT Cooling Products

Cooling At The Edge

In IT data rooms, heat build-up is always a concern.  When confined in small spaces, such as in edge computing, heat buildup is rapid. If chilled water is not available, the LCP DX Rack provides refrigerant-efficient cooling matched to the server rack load in a closed-loop enclosure. With high-performance EC fan technology, refrigerant cooled air is targeted directly within the racks. Servers are cooled independently from the ambient air, with systems designed to adapt easily from a single enclosure to a modular series.  An entire row within a contained area can be protected.

Learn more about all our cooling solutions, for the largest center to the smallest enclosure.

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Monitoring & Security

Computer Multi Control (CMC) Delivers Comprehensive IT Monitoring

As a data center’s size grows, so can the complexity of the equipment needed to monitor environmental conditions and control access. Rittal’s CMC III system solves this problem by using a CAN bus to support serial connection of multiple monitoring sensors to a central point.

CMC III can provide access control, vital for multi-tenant operations and security.

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The Data Center is moving to the Edge.

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Taking it Global Together: Rittal and IBM

Rittal Corporation and IBM have formed a global alliance, grown from a successful cooperative effort launched in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in 2015. Rittal’s expertise in IT infrastructure coupled with IBM’s resiliency services in planning, constructing, operating and servicing data centers forms the basis for construction of data center projects.

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Data Centers in Extreme Environments with Rittal and EDGE MCS

Rittal Corporation teamed up with Edge Mission Critical Systems (Edge MCS) to support their turnkey modular data solutions for edge network applications marketed as the Binary Bunker. In the Binary Bunkers they build, Edge MCS employs Rittal products for enclosures, racking, and cooling.

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Rittal Partners with HPE: Offer Modular Data Centers for Edge and IoT

Rittal and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to offer Modular Data Center solutions to the global market. The go-to-market alliance will focus on the computing challenges related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge networks.

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