Perforex BC 2014 HS

    Perforex BC 2014 HS automated machining for enclosure panels

    Model No. 4050.230

    For simultaneous machining of multiple enclosure panels up to 2300 mm high.


    Model No. 4050.230

    The Perforex BC 2014 HS is an extension to the Perforex range of machine tools and comes in a new, larger size. It is available as a single-door or two-door variant which supports the machining of fully welded enclosures up to a size of (W × H × D) 2290 × 2300 × 2200 mm (approx 90 × 90.5 × 87 inches) It is also ideal for machining enclosure panels up to a height of 2300 mm, which may be positioned side-by-side up to a width of 3600 mm for simultaneous machining. It is cost-effective from an approximate quantity of just 150 enclosures per annum. When combined with the optionally available performance package, its process operations and cost-effectiveness may be further enhanced.


    • Gantry drive for optimum precision when traversing the portal in the X axis
    • Movable 20-station tool changer, with optional upgrade to 40 tools
    • Available as single-door or two-door variant
    • Significantly faster than comparable machines when combined with the Performance Package




    • Cut costs by up to 30 percent of the total enclosure costs 
    • Improved quality: No touching-up of expensive spray-finished or stainless steel enclosures required
    • Consistent quality, even when there is a long interval between identical jobs
    • Automated technology improves process and product quality and encourages standardisation in production
    • Shorter throughput times in mechanical preproduction, reducing total project times
    • Qualified, skilled personnel can concentrate on value-added tasks such as wiring and inspection
    • Your customers and manufacturers are impressed by the commitment to technology. The Perforex machine acts as a sales tool for your company.
    • Higher work satisfaction and motivation among workshop personnel
    • Flexible response to fluctuating order situations reduces temporary hirings or redundancies


    • Clampable enclosure panels                  3600 x 2300 mm (W x H)
    • Maximum machinable area for panels                 3400 x 2300 mm (W x H)
    • Clampable cubic parts (W x H x D)                      1400 x 2300 x 2200 mm
    • Maximum machinable area for cubic parts               1400 x 2300 mm (W x H)
    • Two-door option                   2800 x 2300 mm