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  • Blue e+ ChillZone app
    Rittal created the ChillZone app, an energy savings estimator for its Blue e+ line of industrial enclosure cooling solutions. The app lets you easily compare annual cost savings between an existing system and Rittal Blue+ products. What’s more, you can even compare specific competitive products by inputting a specific product number or that product’s average energy efficiency ratio (EER).

    TS 8 Turnkey Selector
    The Rittal TS 8 Turnkey Selector app for Android and iPhone is an easy-to-use tool to find your next Rittal TS 8 complete enclosure solution. Equipped with a dimension finder, the app greatly simplifies identifying the right enclosure for your application. There is also an intuitive competitive cross reference tool, as well as a mapping feature that allows you to quickly find the closest Rittal distributor near you, throughout the United States or Canada..

    Wallmount Enclosure
    For Android and iPhone. With a few quick taps, find the right Wallmount enclosure for the application you’re specing right now. Quick lookups show part number, competitor cross reference tool and distributor locator to purchase.

    RiTherm Climate Control
    Simplify the time-consuming and complicated process of calculating how much cooling your enclosure needs with this Android or iPhone app. It also includes a rapid climate control system selection feature. Just enter temperature specs, enclosure dimensions, type of cooling solution needed, and RiTherm calculates a summary of climate control equipment you’ll need.

  • Chiller configurator
    The TopTherm chiller configurator enables you to select an economically efficient solution for all your machine and process cooling needs.

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    Large Enclosure selector

    Large Enclosure selector
    Our Large Enclosure Selector helps you to find the right products to suit your requirements. You can opt to make your selection either using dimensions or by model number.

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    Comfort Panel Configurator

    Comfort Panel configurator
    The comfort panel configurator allows you to compile perfectly coordinated solutions for your human/machine interface. It also has a built-in intelligent consistency check that ensures that your configuration is complete and error-free. Once your configuration is complete, request a quote, and you will receive a visualized representation of your individual command panel solution for integration into your machine and plant design.

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    Support arm configurator

    Support arm configurator
    Different viewing angles of the machine, tall or short operating staff – the support arm systems from Rittal ensure optimum interaction between monitoring and operating. Different systems are used, depending on the system configuration, jib length and enclosure weight. This configurator determines the perfect support arm system for your company according to user-specific parameters.

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